Korean Queen: This is of the last Korean Queen Empress Myeongseong. I like the ageing of the photo and her facial expression. I want to contrast this with something brighter.

- Sourced from Ethan's given research

Korean War: This picture shows the sadness of the war and this is interesting because it could be contrasted with brighter, happier images.

- Sourced from Ethan's given research.

Korean War: Showing another side to the war, the soldiers in the war zone. Most of the war images are in black and white and so I want to brighten this up.

- Image from: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/defence/australian-and-british-soldiers-have-been-accused-of-committing-war-crimes-against-civilians-and-soldiers-in-korean/story-e6frg8yo-1226076918926?nk=a2cad0c25bf95f8876ee2a58c782b571

Korean Carnival: I love the colours of the traditional carnivals and how joyful the mood is in each of the images.

- Image from Ethan's given research.

Korean Carnival: researching this further, I really like the shapes that the women and the fans create when stood all together. This could contrast the darker images, e.g. the Korean War.

- Image from: http://www.thejournal.ie/the-evening-fix-now-with-added-freakish-strength-791639-Feb2013/

Black Cat: After speaking to Ethan, he told me that cats are perceived as dangerous in South Korea. This is interesting because I can use the image to contrast something more innocent.

Image from - http://wallalay.com/black-cat-29-21147-desktop-background.html

Danger: Following on the black cat, I wanted to show danger in my collages, so used this symbol to show the danger of the cat.

Image from - http://galleryhip.com/hazardous-waste-symbols.html

Traditional Dress: Ethan gave me this image of Korean dress. I like the colours and gold detailing.

Text box

Korean Streets: When Ethan told me about his background and where he lived I was interested in what the streets looked like because he described it as a 'concrete jungle'. I love the pictures of the streets because of all the different things going on in them and I will include them in my collages.

Image from - http://www.pictureninja.com/pages/south-korea/image-korean-streets.htm

Korean Streets: I really like how lit up and busy the streets are.

Image from - http://www.pictureninja.com/pages/south-korea

Korean Queen: Last Korean Queen. I am interested in her clothing and the colouring of the photo.

- Sourced from Ethan's given research.

Text box

Korean Celebrations: I looked into celebrations and birthday parties. Here is a typical birthday party. The most common choice of cake is a rice cake. This difference to English culture is interesting and I could contrast the two, e.g. English celebrations compared to Korean.

- Image from: http://sophiespeer.blogspot.co.uk/2009/05/korean-birthday-party.html

Pop Art: Some of the more traditional images have less detail in them. The war images are also dull in colour with a darker mood. I wanted to brighten this and so I thought of adding in pop art. I love this style of art and can use the shapes in the collages to add a brighter mood.

Image from: http://www.murafloor.com/pop-art-bang-vinyl-flooring

Pop Art: I like the use of text and the explosive mood to it. I can use this to add excitement to dull images.

- Image from: http://fineartamerica.com/featured/pop-art-4-gary-grayson.html

Rice cake: In Korea, traditional rice cakes are eaten as a birthday cake. I like the shape of them and could include this in a collage that relates to birthday occasions.

Image from - http://www.maangchi.com/recipes/ricecake

Annegret Soltau: I searched for collage artists and came across Annegret Soltau. I really like how she makes a simple image quite dark and a lot more intriguing than the original. I like hoe she plays around with scale and rotating images.

Image from - http://www.anothermag.com/current/view/3318/Top_10_Collage_Artists_Hannah_H%C3%B6ch_to_Man_Ray

Traditional Dress: Ethan also gave me this photo of a Korean fashion show inspired by traditional dress. I could use these in a collage by replacing the background and the face to change the identity.

Korean Streets: I like the streets at night and the bright lights. I like all of the different colours and could contrast this with the streets in the daytime.

Image from - http://www.pictureninja.com/pages/south-korea

Koean Road Sign: After looking at the roads I was interested to see how different their road signs were. They aren't that different but could still work in some collages!

Image from - http://latestnewslink.com/2014/09/south-korea-to-sign-deal-this-month-to-buy-40-f-35-jets-for-7-billion-sources/

Abigail Reynolds: I like how her work often focuses on landscapes. I can relate this to my work by using two images of the streets of Korea with this techniques.

Image from - http://www.abigailreynolds.com/

Korean architecture: This is a traditional house. The shapes of the roof interests me as well as the panelling on the walls. This could look more exciting with brighter colours.

- Sourced from Ethan's given research.

Korean architecture: After Ethan's image of the Korean house I wanted to look further into traditional architecture. I like the patterns of the architecture and how intricate the shapes are. this could be used to make a collage that has print aspects to it.

Image from: http://fineartamerica.com/featured/architecture-of-korean-buddhism-eaves-of-sangwongsa-sharon-hudson.html

Korean Architecture: I really love the shapes of these buildings and how detailed each area is.

Image from: http://bochev.blog.com/2011/06/21/final-korea-post-korean-culture-tour-dog-meat-and-more-my-next-adventure-begins-in-vegas/

Pop Art: The text in this interests me because I could translate this to Korean and create Korean pop art.

Image from: https://www.etsy.com/listing/124503027/retro-superhero-bam-pow-signs?ref=market

Gangnam Style: Ethan is from Gangnam! I like this photo because I could contrast this with a war scene.

- Image from: http://www.technobuffalo.com/2013/01/23/psy-gangnam-style-youtube-earnings/

Text box

Gangnam Style: I like this cartoon version because it can be contrasted with an image that's more serious.

- Image from: http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/11076310/

Annegret Soltau: I then looked further into her work and really like how the collages are simple but look very distorted because parts have been stitched back together.

Image from - http://www.annegret-soltau.de/de/posts/binding-stitching-and-the-haptic-thread

Annegret Soltau: looking on her website, I found this. This interests me because it relates to the Korean perception that cats are dangerous. I could take this idea of changing the human identity with a cats in my collages.

Image from - http://www.annegret-soltau.de/de/galleries/grima-1986-1997/artworks/grima-mit-katze-i-the-vero-group-collection-houston-texas

Korean Alphabet: Ethan was talking to me about the meanings of words and the language in general, which made me interested in the look of each letter.

Image from - http://www.joop.in/Archive/learn-to-read-and-pronounce-korean-hangul-in-2-days/

Abigail Reynolds: searching for a new paper technique, I came across this work. I love her work because it is a clever yet simple method that shows two images through the cutting of paper.

Image from - http://www.abigailreynolds.com/


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